About Us

Apasionado. The Spanish use this word to describe a special kind of passionate, devoted enthusiast who just can’t get enough of whatever he or she is apasionado about. It’s the perfect word to describe the typical reader of The Sankofa Review, an online magazine/blog for people who have a passionate interest in fine art. The Sankofa Review is for anyone who wants to see, experience, and discuss—even debate?—all aspects of fine art, from painting and drawing to sculpture, installation, and beyond.

Many blog/magazines focus on painting or sculpture or other art forms, but The Sankofa Review is different. It’s for people who want opinions and ideas that are engaging, raw, uncensored, and real. We can imagine that we are Vasari, Leonardo and Rembrandt, Manet and Zola, Renoir and Monet, Bazille and Degas, and Warhol and Picasso all gathered around the table at the Café Guerbois with a round of drinks—only now it’s a digital table that welcomes the world.

Those of us who contribute to The Sankofa Review are obviously apasionado about fine art, too. We are not necessarily connoisseurs, although some of us are art scholars. Few of us are bona fide historians, but most of us have a fascination with art history and an enduring interest in art criticism. Many of us are fine artists, and some are also involved in the arts through writing, teaching, gallery work, and other endeavors. Above all, like you, we want to celebrate all forms of art, share how much we enjoy the art-making process, and explore our own responses to the art world by dialoguing with you.

Here at The Sankofa Review, you’ll find a diverse and ever-changing mix of reviews of art exhibits, biographies of the masters in art history, interviews with the notable fine artists of today, explorations of art techniques, and so much more. You’re as likely to find coverage of an exhibition of contemporary paintings in Paris as you are to find an analysis of Rembrandt, Leonardo, Titian and John Singer Sargent’s and the impressionists painting techniques or a critique of movies about art and artists.

The discourse of today’s modern artists lacking skill and experience, and ideas of old masters being incompatible to today’s life, will be part of the forum for learning and discussing all things fine art. Follow us at The Sankofa Review, Send your ideas to <> and let us know what you think.