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(Excerpt from “In Defense of Hypocrisy”)

Life is sometimes funny, strange and comedic. What is it about Good that it is never prepared for the evil that Bad inflicts? Why is Good always surprised by Evil’s actions when it has ignored him so long? Why is Bad always more prepared, and why does life have to get bad before Good wakes up?

“In Defense of Hypocrisy” is a dialogue between Hypocrisy and Virtuous Man. Hypocrisy argues that religious scriptures are there just to tame us and make us forgiving, submissive and forever hopeful so that the selfish and conniving hypocrites can rule over good people and use the weak, meek and defenseless to fulfill their dreams. Virtuous Man admits that a tease and taste of some sort of advancement and success has caused good people to relax and go to sleep. This has allowed hypocrisy’s entourage—the swindlers, spin doctors and tricksters—to deceive, recruit and transform good people into their image.

Then Virtuous Man sounds the alarm, alerting the Good that it is time to wake up and claim the good life. He warns that when it gets to a point where hypocrisy can transform good people into selfish and destructive people without conscience and concern for the future, it is time for good people to wake up and claim the compassion, love, peace and harmony in which they are made to live. “It isn’t true that good people are oblivious,” Hypocrisy responds. “They are sleeping because I have set up irresistible traps, tricks and rewards all around the good people, implementing my secret agenda to transform the world into my image. By bragging and bluffing, Hypocrisy ends up revealing too much.

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The conversation becomes more alarming when Virtuous Man recognizes that Hypocrisy and his entourage are going around door-to-door to mosques, synagogues, churches and shrines, using persuasive tricks to recruit members to his Secret Kingdom of successful Hypocrites. Virtuous Man realizes that even he is being recruited.

We are at war with ourselves. The good in us is battling against our worst nature, and behind these good and evil influences is the force of Evil, superbly prepared with its army of hypocrites, tricksters, spin doctors, and greedy liars, all in disguise and doing their best to take advantage of our good, venerable nature. Luckily, we have divine messengers of wisdom coming to our defense. The power of love, of hearts united in love, is on a march to bring about a beautiful future of unity, happiness, peace, security, safety and harmony.

The hate we see around us is rooted in unwanted battles that Evil instigates because the Good in us has gone to sleep. Race against race, brothers and sisters hating and killing each other—all of this stems from some false ideology of the fear of strangers and the selling of hate. Spinning ideas killing innocent souls, misguided guns with flying bullets causing dying souls, and crying children are all due to the Good in us sleeping.

Postcards_In Defense of HypocrisyYet, the age of awareness has arrived. Good is at work, vanquishing the sick, greedy, selfish and destructive minds. The commanders among us must take charge and lead us to the happiness and love bestowed on humanity. Good people, good Samaritans can no longer sleep. They must join the united hearts of love. The united colors of mankind inspire each other to help make the future a beautiful, loving place for our descendants to live in harmony. We must wake up and live the life we deserve.

Protect yourself from Hypocrisy’s dangerous mission to transform you. The age of awareness has arrived. Wake up and help. Eavesdrop on the conversation and learn how you can help the united hearts of love build a beautiful and peaceful future. “In Defense of Hypocrisy” is a wake-up call. Samuel Adoquei has given us a modern-day fable for anyone concerned about the environment of our children and grandchildren.
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