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It’s election season, and all across the U.S.—even far beyond our borders—people are talking about what’s wrong with this country, its leaders, its politics, its culture, and its citizens. How refreshing it is, then, to walk through the doors of Galerie Gabrie in Pasadena, California, and find dozens of reminders of what’s right.


Galerie Gabrie’s latest exhibition is called Land That I Love. Opening on October 20, it’s the brainchild of gallery owner and curator Jasminka Gabrie. “I wanted to offer a respite from the tumultuous state we find ourselves in here in the U.S.,” notes Gabrie. “I wanted to celebrate the peace, the freedom, and all the benefits we enjoy. There is so much to see, so much to appreciate, so much to be proud of here.”


Glorious-old-glory by Sylvia Trybek

All of the participating artists in the group show—which will feature both gallery regulars and guest artists—were invited to interpret the theme however they thought best, so there will be a wonderfully diverse mix of subjects, styles, and media. Charles Muench, the noted impressionistic landscape artist from Northern California, will be contributing his majestic landscapes of the Sierra. Washington-based oil painter Chris Hopkins and California-based pen-and-ink artist Joe Milazzo will both turn their extraordinary talents for capturing detail toward documenting moments in the country’s history. And Oregon’s Marla Baggetta will share the kind of sensitive, contemplative pastel landscapes that soothe viewers’ souls. Respite, indeed.


Close to camp sailor lake by Charles Muench

The Land That I Love exhibition is typical of the type of work visitors always find at Galerie Gabrie, which is dedicated to carrying on the artistic tradition of celebrating beauty through original works of art done in oils, pastels, watercolors, bronze, and much more. For more than 30 years, owner Gabrie has also created a place where art is accessible and enjoyable to people from all walks of life by offering pieces that range from several hundred dollars all the way into the six figures. “Art is the fun part of life,” notes Gabrie, “so we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here. And we hope visitors will imagine themselves and their families and friends surrounded by beautiful art in their own homes. Fine art has always been and continues to be a mark of good taste.”


Joe Milazzo

So if you need a little reminder of why America has always been great, be sure to stop by Galerie Gabrie to see Land That I Love. As Gabrie says, “There’s nothing like viewing a work of art in person. Only then can you see all of the energy and feel all of the emotion that went into it.” For more information about the gallery and the many other contemporary and historical artists represented there, visit the gallery’s website at

Jennifer King is a marketer, artist, writer, and entrepreneur. A long time student of art marketing and the fine art industry, she currently provides art marketing services and coaching to visual artists through her company, Connect Artist Marketing. Learn more at


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